Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, with golf courses found all around the globe. However, there are some people who, though they love the sport, can’t access a course. Others might only want to practice on one part of the course. These are just some of the reasons that people love golf simulators. These used to only be found at golf courses, because the technology was too expensive for at-home use. Now though, you can install a golf simulator in your home for an affordable price. In this guide, we’ll look at everything you need to know to buy the best golf simulator to suit your needs.

First though, let’s look at what a golf simulator is, how it works and some of the benefits that it provides. A golf simulator allows you to practice playing golf indoors. To do this, you stand on a platform and hit the ball at the screen. Usually a projector on the ceiling projects these images on to the screen. Behind the screen is a net, which stop the balls from damaging your wall. Next to the screen is an array of sensors, which will analyse things like your swing and the speed of the ball. You can also get software which you can install onto your computer or tablet to give you tips on how you can improve at golf. Now that we know a little more about how a golf simulator works, let’s look at some of the benefits that this system offers.

Golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a wide range of benefits to golf lovers. For example, this will allow you to play golf on days where the weather is poor. In addition, it will make it easier for you to improve your swing by providing tips to improve. It has also been shown that the easier it is for you to practice a skill, the more often you will practice. This will result in an improvement in the skill, in this case, you will get better at playing golf. These benefits have caused the number of golf simulations available on the market to increase as more people install a system in their home. But with so many options how can you find the one that will be best for you? Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider to build the best golf simulation to suit your needs.

Choosing The Best Golf Simulator

There are many different types of golf simulators currently available on the market. With so many options to choose from it can be confusing for many potential buyers. In this section, we’ll discuss some things that you should think about when selecting a golf simulator. Hopefully, by the end of this section, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which simulator will best suit your needs. Let’s start by looking at the price of the machine.

How Much Will The Simulator Cost?

For many people, one of the most important parts of choosing a simulator is how much it will cost to install. The good news is that there are a range of systems available on the market, with options starting from around $300. However, you generally get what you pay for. So, if you are willing to spend more money you will get a higher quality system that has better graphics and more advanced features.

However, the good news about building your own golf simulator is that you can upgrade the components over time. For example, you might start with the most basic, and cheapest, components. But, as you use the system more often you might decide to begin upgrading it. You might start by purchasing a new simulator, then a new projector and finally buying some new software. Though you upgraded each component separately, you will have effectively produced a new simulator. Now that we know a little more about how to manage the costs, let’s look at some of the simulation systems currently available to help you choose the best option for your needs.

What To Look For In A Golf Simulator System

When buying a golf simulation system for your home, there are many factors to consider. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors so that you know what to look for in a good golf simulator.

Tracking Your Movements

Let’s start by talking about the basic features that all simulators should possess, then move onto the features offered by more advanced simulation models. First, the system should be able to track your moves and how you hit the ball. In less expensive models, this may be done by having sensors in the golf club and an infrared system to measure the movement of the ball. Usually, the more expensive the simulator, the more accurately the system can monitor your movements, with more expensive models using photometric or doppler systems to track the motion of the ball. Additionally, more expensive systems may also put sensors into the golf ball to provide even more accurate data.

Golf Course Play

Another important thing to think about when choosing a simulator is how well the golf course plays. There are a few things that you should look for when deciding how well plays. First, you should consider how accurate the system is. This, again, usually improves in more expensive models as the software can make more informed predictions about how far the ball would travel and where it would land. You should also consider how many different golf courses are available for you to play through. Even basic models usually have around 15 different courses for you to experience.


Software is key to offering you improvements on how to improve your game. To run this, you will require a computer, tablet or smartphone. Many simulators come with software to help you with basic things like the distance that the ball travelled. They will also be able to track your shots. However, there are more expensive software options that you can find online. Though more expensive, it will provide with a more comprehensive analysis of your game and how you can improve. There are many software packages available online, so you can find one that will suit your needs.

Multiplayer Options

The next thing that you need to consider when choosing a golf simulator is how good its multiplayer options are. This will allow you to enjoy playing a round of golf with your friends at a party. Though, how seriously you consider this aspect depends on what you want from the simulation. For example, do you want the simulator to allow you to play golf recreationally? If this is the case, good multiplayer options might be very important to you. Alternatively, if you are serious about improving your golf game the multiplayer options might not be as important to you.


The final factor that you should consider when choosing a golf simulator is how well-reviewed it is. A golf simulator can be a big investment, so you want to be sure that you are choosing a great system. By going online and looking at reviews you can see what other people thought about the product. Additionally, you can see what some of the problems that they experienced were. Finally, if you are trying to decide between two different models, the reviews can help you decide by providing you with a more accurate understanding of the pros and cons of each product. Now that we have a better idea of what to look for when choosing the simulator, let’s look at the next element, choosing the best golf mat

Choosing The Best Golf Mat

Another key element that you need to consider when creating your perfect golf simulator set-up is the golf mat. The is where you will stand when you hit the ball. Like simulators, there is a wide array of mats available on the market. We’ll look of some of the factors that you should look for to ensure that you buy the best possible golf mat.


You want a golf mat that will last for a long time. Lower quality mats will break easily. Because of this, purchasing a high-quality mat that will last for a long time may be cheaper than purchasing a low-quality mat that you will need to continue to replace.


Another important factor to consider is how realistic the mat is. A high-quality mat should feel like standing on a real golf course. This will ensure that you can improve your performance by creating the most realistic training environment. In addition, a low-quality doesn’t have any “give”. This may cause a high force to be placed on the joints when teeing off, which may even cause joint pain over time.


The final thing that you need to consider when choosing a golf mat is how well it will perform. Mats usually have sensors that can track things like how are standing. They can use this information to create an even more accurate estimate about where the ball will travel. In addition, this kind of information can be used to help you improve your performance by offering tips on how you can improve the way you stand and strike the ball. Like simulation systems, the more expensive the mat, the more advanced the mat technology. For this reason, a high-quality mat will usually cost between $250 to $1,000. Now we can look at the next aspect of your golf simulation system, the projector screen.

Choosing The Best Screen For A Golf Simulator

Another key component to consider when building your golf simulation system is buying a great projector screen. This will show the golf course and statistical information. Let’s examine some of the qualities that a good projector screen should possess.

Golf Net

When choosing a screen, you will also need to find a suitable golf net, which usually sits behind the screen and stops the ball from damaging the wall.  There are a few things that you should be looking for when choosing a net. First, you should find a net that will be capable of stopping the force of a golf ball. In addition, you should try to find a net that you can easily assemble and disassemble. This will make it easy for you to upgrade your equipment or transport the set-up if you move to a new house.

Projector Screen or Tablet

The next thing that you need to consider is the type of screen that you would like. Here, you usually have two options. First, you can choose a projector screen. This option makes it easy to aim the golf ball and will make the experience appear more realistic. However, it is more expensive to install and run. Alternatively, you can use a TV screen or tablet as your screen. This is cheaper and more portable. However, it might be more difficult to aim the ball accurately. Which of these systems you decide to install will depend on your needs. However, if you do choose a projector screen make sure that it can withstand being regularly hit with golf balls. You might also want to choose a retractable screen, which you can raise and lower from the ceiling. This means that you can use the space for other things. Now that we know what kind of screen you need, let’s look at how to the final component in getting your golf simulator set-up, choosing the projector.

Choosing the Best Projector

If you decide that you want a drop down screen, you need a projector. Usually placed on the ceiling above the screen, it will project an image of the golf course. To help you choose the best projector let’s look at some of the factors that you might want to consider.


The graphic display is how many pixels it can project onto the screen. This higher the graphics, the clearer the picture. You should be able to change the projectors setting to optimize it to create better performance. The graphics on a projector becomes even more important if you want to use the space as a home movie theatre.

Frame Rate

The frame rate is how quickly the projector can display a new image. While it shouldn’t be too much of a concern when running a golf simulation, it might be important for watching movies or playing video games.


The brightness of a projector, usually measured in lumens, refers to how much light the projector can project. How important the brightness will be depend on the type of room that you are planning to install the projector in and the conditions you want to use it in. For example, if you plan to use the projector during the day in a bright room you will need to choose a projector that has a high lumen rating. Alternatively, if you plan to use the projector in a dark room with the lights off, the brightness probably won’t be an issue. A projector that has a high brightness level will probably be more expensive than a projector with a low brightness.

How Long Lamps Will Last

The lamp creates the light which will be projected on to the screen. However, the lamp will eventually need to be replaced. The model you purchase may have an impact on how often you need to change the lamp. The instruction manual will make the process to change the lamp clear.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the ratio between width and height. The best ratio will change depending on what you are using the projector for. Usually, when running a golf simulation, an aspect ratio of 4:3 is generally best. You should be able to adjust the projector’s aspect ratio. Additionally, when choosing a projector, it is best to find a store or video where they demonstrate the projector. This will allow you to judge its effectiveness for yourself. Now we can move on to the final step, installing your new golf simulator.

What To Think About When Installing A Golf Simulator

Once you have found the perfect simulator you will probably want to order it, and have it installed instantly. However, before you purchase it, there are a few things to consider, making sure that you get the best possible simulator set-up. Hopefully, by the end of this section, you’ll have a better idea of how you can install the perfect golf simulator in your home.

The Size Of The Room

One of the most important things to consider when looking at simulator options is how much space you have available for the simulator. While you don’t need a large space, you do need an area where you can comfortably swing a golf club. You should make sure that there is enough space for the screen and sensors to be installed. To give you a better understanding of the room dimensions, let’s take a closer look at the kind of size room you will need to install a golf simulator.

Ceiling Height

The best room height usually depends on your own height and your swing. For this reason, usually an area where the ceiling around nine feet high is recommended. You also should be aware that some golf simulator models have a minimum ceiling height requirement. You can find these in the specifications for the model.

Room Width And Depth

You also need to consider the width and depth of the space when deciding if you can house a golf simulator. When considering how wide the room is, you also need to think about how much space the screen and sensors will occupy. Usually, this will be around 10 feet, although you might be able to find a simulator that can work in a five foot space. You also need to add a few extra feet to give you enough space to swing the golf club comfortably. This means that the ideal room width would be 12 feet. You also need to consider how deep the room should be. You also need to have plenty of space behind you so that you can swing the golf club. In addition, you need to leave some space to install the simulation equipment. For these reasons it is recommended that the room should be 12 feet deep. Now you should have a better idea of how to install your perfect golf simulator. However, the set-up isn’t yet complete.

Making Sure That The Software Works

If you have found a model that you like and will work with your room dimensions, you can order and install it. You should be able to handle most of the installation process yourself, however some more technical things like the projector screen and projector might need to be professionally installed. Once you’ve got the physical space set-up you need to make sure that everything is set-up virtually. This will mean downloading the software to either your tablet or computer. To access the full benefits of the software you will need to connect your device to the internet. Then, you will need to get your equipment calibrated with the software. Finally, take a test shot and make sure that everything has connected properly. Congratulations, your new golf simulation system should be installed, and you can start practicing your swing at home today.


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